jacquieetmicheltv – Salomé, 57, from Grand-Quevilly (76)!


jacquieetmicheltv – Salomé, 57, from Grand-Quevilly (76)!
It was while watching one of our videos that Salomé, 57, said that she too could have fun in front of our camera. A stroke of luck for us, her husband is also very understanding, and encouraged her in her approach! So we meet this funny rascal in the garden of plants in Rouen, so that she reveals her ambitions, and especially her fabulous natural breast! Once at her home in Grand-Quevilly, in the Rouen suburbs, Olivier can start hostilities with passion … Until the slut’s husband arrives and takes the place of our guy to finish the job !

Date: February 8, 2020

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