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AssParade – Richh Des – The House Sitter


AssParade – Richh Des – The House Sitter
Released: May 15, 2023
Johnny was ready to spend an entire weekend all by himself. His parents were out of town leaving him all the freedom to do as he pleased. However, what he wasn’t aware of was the fact his parents didn’t trust him enough to be alone so they hired Richh Des as a house sitter to stay with him for the weekend. He wasn’t happy at first until he noticed something very particular about the house sitter. She has a huge fucking ass. Upon noticing her gigantic booty, Johnny though of a plan.

When she wasn’t paying attention he covered the chairs in oil so that when she would sit down, her booty would be covered in oil. Richh started quickly undressing to get rid of the oil. This is when Johnny took his chance to watch her and masturbate to her phat ass. Eventually she caught him and decided to throw him a bone. She dragged him over to the living room and made him worship her booty. From there, things escalated quickly and soon he slipped his cock deep inside her tight pussy. Proceeding to fuck her in several different positions making her scream with joy until it was time to paint her face with cum.

Date: May 15, 2023
Starring: Richh Des

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