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Girls And Their Boys 47 (2020)


Girls And Their Boys 47 (2020)
Scene 1: Enjoying the warmth of the summer sun on her skin, Laela bends over the fence of her roof terrace, slowly pulling her mini skirt up, exposing her white panties. Being approached from behind by her boyfriend Stefano, Laela closes her eyes and exhales as deeply as she feels his hand slide into her panties caressing her hairy pubic region.
Moving inside the house, Laela kneels before Stefano, grabbing firmly his erect penis before licking it and putting it inside her mouth and going deep on it. HGeading to the couch, Laela sits on top of him, riding him until they can no longer hold their orgasm..
Scene 2: Molly layus in bed preparing the bed waiting for her boyfriend to come home. Closing her eyes she delicately caresses her breasts and vulva, dampening her panties as she begins to feel more and more aroused. Approaching her from behind, her boyfriend Ethan kisses her neck and slides his hand inside her wet panties before continuing to undress her.
Sitting on top of him, Molly grabs Ethan’s erect penis and licks it from shaft to head, giving him a passionate oral while she feels Ethan’s tongue move around her vulva. Down on all fours, Molly looks back over her shoulder while she is being penetrated from behind, making her moan in pleasure.

Date: December 3, 2020

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