I Fucked The French Baguette Outdoor Edition (2019)


I Fucked The French Baguette Outdoor Edition (2019)
The other day I was scouting to maybe get a house soon. The one thing I wasn’t expected was the

realtor to be so desperate! As soon as I said I might be interested in the house she didn’t want to

let go, I told her the price wasn’t right and she still wouldn’t let go. She must have been pretty

desperate to close a deal cause she was willing to do ANYTHING to make me sign and all I can

say is that she succeeded…

Stars Appearing: Alex Legend, Jodi Taylor

Sometime I help out one of my friend who has a landscaping company, and the other day I hit me

up saying he needed my help in this small backyard that wasn’t too far from where I live so I

took the job. While I was doing some landscaping the girl living there came out cause apparently

she wanted to tan, she asked to put some sun block on her back and even though it’s not really

my job I didn’t want to let my friend down and have him get a bad review. She wasn’t wearing

anything and just removed her dress slowly, she then turned around and before I knew it I was

putting some sun block on her tits! She apparently knew exactly what she was doing cause a

minute later she was on her knees sucking my dick… She was hot so I went for it and gave her a

nice ride in her backyard… I’ll definitely will work again from my friend specially at that


Stars Appearing: Lea Lexis, Alex Legend

When lea Lexis invited to go hiking I thought maybe she had something else in mind and I

wasn’t wrong! The whole thing was just a big excuse to stop every 5 minutes and either suck my

dick or get fucked or both! And she was hungry for dick that’s for sure we hiked for a while and

we fucked for a while as well and it was a lot of fun! Enjoy the view!

Stars Appearing: Alex Legend, Skylar Madison

When i got home and saw my GF Skylar Madison tanning and putting some lotion on I knew it

could get fun… and when she asked me to help her with the lotion that was it i just made sure that

I was gonna massage her and get her horny so she would need to get dicked down right then and

there… everything worked as planned and she got what she deserved! Some good Dick!

Stars Appearing: Alex Legend, Alessandra Noir

What do I do when I find a half naked hot blonde brunette that goes by the name of Alessandra

Noir in my backyard? Well I help her get fully naked to get the vibe going and then I make her

suck on the French Baguette so she knows how big and girthy it is. Once she has a pretty good

idea I decide to fuck her good and reward her with a big load all over her face! Check it out!

Date: July 18, 2019

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