My Dirty Maid – Sarah Lace Cleans Dick Well


My Dirty Maid – Sarah Lace Cleans Dick Well
Feb 25, 2020
Sarah Lace was cleaning Johnny the Kids’s backyard. There was a wild party the night before. The place was a mess. But looks like he was still in the party mood. He offered Sarah $100 to clean naked. She refused. But after some negotiations she pulled her pants down and at least revealedher super sexy butt. He wanted to see more. A few more rounds of negotiations rendered Sarah naked. So she was sweeping the floor and when she turned around Johnny’s giant dick was out and he was jacking off. Obviously much better if she would clean his dick. So she did. First with her mouth then with her pussy. She was riding it hard, they kept fucking until Johnny shot his cum all over her face.

Date: February 25, 2020

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