My Sister’s Hot Friend – Jane Wilde, Kyle Mason


Jane is hanging out at her friend Megan’s house, they’re going to the mall later. Kyle, Megan’s brother comes down to exchange numbers with Jane since his sister never answers her phone and he will need to get ahold of her. WTF, Kyle texted her dick pic and she is taken aback by his big dick, she has to see it in person! Jane goes into his bedroom to find out about the text, of course, he said it was a mistake. She agrees to delete it as long as he lets her see it in person first. They agree to keep it a secret so his sister doesn’t find out. Once he takes out his huge dick she has to have it, she’s dick hungry all the time! She starts deep-throating him and they fuck like crazy right there!

Date: December 3, 2018
Starring: Jane Wilde / Kyle Mason

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