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Picked up, Fucked and Kicked Out – Dana Wolf


Picked up, Fucked and Kicked Out – Dana Wolf
This time we went by the river and wherever are boats there are also hoes, so we found this girl walking to the grocery store, Pete tried to pick her up, but no luck, so we fanned lots of money through the window and immediately got her attention, she flashed us, got into the bus, and the more money we offered her the more clothes she removed, once she was naked, she got horny and of course Pete fucked the brains out of her, he pounded her all over the bus, cowgirl, reversed cowgirl, missionary, doggy, spooning, and after delivering his cum all over her, Pete himself literally kicked her out the bus in the middle of the road

Date: June 19, 2019
Starring: Dana Wolf / Peter Green

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