RK Prime – Jayme Hays – The Laundry Can Wait


RK Prime – Jayme Hays – The Laundry Can Wait
Released: September 23, 2020
When petite Jayme Hays bends down to pick some of her boyfriend’s dirty clothes, the guy feels lucky twice. First, it means Jessy Jones’s caring girlfriend is doing his laundry. Second, Jessy gets to see more of Jayme’s astounding booty. What a tease! Horny Jessy can’t resist. He’s willing to help Jayme with the chores if she agrees to shoot a steamy porno. The girl undresses, shove Jessy’s cock in her mouth and sits on it. The couple gets dirty, the house is tidy and it makes everyone happy.

Date: September 23, 2020
Starring: Jayme Hays

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