Tiffany Sexy Secretary (2018)


Tiffany Sexy Secretary (2018)
Tiffany is clearly the perfect employee: hardworking, dedicated… And also very sexy. But like many, this young secretary is under professional pressure. And to remedy it, she is going to take a short and very sensual break, away from prying eyes… Well, that’s what she thinks… Filmed without her knowledge, she finds herself dragged into a sexual blackmail that could make her lose her job and take her away from the boss she secretly loves, and who always knows how to find the most enjoyable way to reward his teams. Resolved to pay the price of her mistake, she will offer her body to the fantasies of her blackmailer and deliciously accept to take part of this most perverse game. Very quickly, she will only have one desire: to reproduce the experience and unmask the one that gives her so much pleasure.

Date: September 5, 2019

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