40SomethingMag – Carrie Anne – Like daughter, like mother


40SomethingMag – Carrie Anne – Like daughter, like mother
Released: July 30, 2020
JMac is sitting at home when he hears a knock on his door. He’s not expecting company, but when he answers, he likes what he sees: a cute little MILF in a sexy dress.
“JMac?” she asks.
“Uh, yes,” he says.
“You’re fucking my daughter,” she says, pushing her way inside.
“Your daughter?” He has no idea who she is. After all, JMac fucks a lot of women.
“Angela. She’s my beautiful daughter.”
Now he remembers. “She’s a hot piece of ass,” he says. “I see where she gets her looks from.”
“Angela’s 18 years old,” Carrie Anne says.
Ooops. Well, at least she’s legal!
“Shouldn’t you be fucking girls your own age?”
“I mean,” he says, “maybe I could be fucking you.”
Maybe he could. You know, a man like JMac doesn’t get all the good pussy by being shy. And now he’s going to get some prime MILF pussy: 48-year-old Carrie Anne.
Some guys really do have all the luck.

Date: July 31, 2020
Actors: Carrie Anne

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