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Adult Time – Lacey London – Ripped Pants Prank


Adult Time – Lacey London – Ripped Pants Prank
Chris Blaccwood is a bit of a prankster within the family, although no one appreciates it — especially since he always wants to embarrass people on video! But he needs to become more daring to get the sweet, sweet views, so he comes up with an idea on how to make Lacey London, his gorgeous step-sister, an Internet star… in more than one online circle.

He convinces Lacey to let him record a video of her doing her regular yoga routine so that she can upload the video to her own social media pages. Although she’s a little suspicious of Chris offering to do such a good deed, she can’t resist the temptation. She soon enough begins a yoga routine but, little does she know, Chris has sneakily altered her yoga pants beforehand to rip under pressure. Right on cue, and on camera, the pants tear wide open, showing off Lacey’s ass!

Lacey is mortified, demanding that her step-brother deletes the video. Chris isn’t about to let this opportunity pass him by, though, so he offers to delete the video IF Lacey gives him a blowjob. Lacey is shocked and annoyed, but willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get that video deleted.

Pornstars: Lacey London

Date: December 7, 2020
Starring: Lacey London

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