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AdultTime – Sophia Burns – Her Ex-Friend’s Boyfriend


AdultTime – Sophia Burns – Her Ex-Friend’s Boyfriend
Released: April 28, 2024
A woman, Sophia Burns, was treated badly by her best friend, leading to the friendship ending. But one day she gets a surprise visit from her former best friend’s boyfriend, Tommy Pistol, who wants to talk. Although Sophia’s taken aback, she easily lets him inside her home.

Once they settle in, Tommy opens up and shares that his girlfriend/Sophia’s ex-best friend has been shutting him out. Sophia is empathetic, having experienced this before, and they bond over talking about how they’ve been treated. That’s when Tommy finally comes clean and admits to being attracted to Sophia instead!

Sophia is initially shocked and unsure, but lingering past feelings for Tommy and the temptation to get revenge on her former bestie are too strong to ignore. That’s when she decides to go for it, diving in for a fiery kiss that is just the beginning.

Date: April 28, 2024
Starring: Sophia Burns

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