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BackroomCastingCouch – Anna


BackroomCastingCouch – Anna
Released: May 10, 2021
This week on the Casting Couch, we have 25 year old, married MILF Anna. That’s right a married M I L F. She’s even wearing her wedding ring… lol. Can you believe that shit? This woman wants to get into porn, so she shows up to the casting wearing her wedding ring. It just blows my mind. Supposedly the hubby knows and he’s cool with it as she states, “He doesn’t want to have to work anymore” again, LAUGH OUT LOUD. There’s something about this whole scenario I find hot…

She’s visibly nervous during the interview in her cute sun dress. You can see her fidgeting and playing with her ring. She’s anxious, but wants to see if she has what it takes. So we have her peel off her dress revealing some pretty nifty titties. She gets down on her knees and blows me really well. I fuck her over the desk, on the couch and then on the floor. Finally, we have her put her glasses back on, so I can blast her face properly with my cum, which she seems to enjoy. Watch the way she rubs my cum all in! I’ve never really seen anyone do that before. She could have a promising porn career one day if she hooks up with an agent. Either way, it’s back home to the hubs and kids she goes.

Date: May 10, 2021
Starring: Anna

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