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BackroomCastingCouch – Ella – Fashionista’s Anal Audition


BackroomCastingCouch – Ella – Fashionista’s Anal Audition
Released: January 9, 2023
Ella is a 23 year old Fashion merchandizer… which means she buys clothes in bulk, and then sells them for more money later… I think. Either way she’s not having any fun doing that stuff anymore. She thinks putting dicks in and around her mouth is going to be a much better career option, and I’m not gonna tell her otherwise lol. She’s pretty soft spoken, and I don’t think she’s super nervous, she’s just chill and suuuuper laid back. I’m not sure anything we could throw at this girl would bother her too much. She’s the kind of girl who looks like she’ll do ‘bout anything, but we’ll see. We get a nice little interview before getting her out of those clothes. She must have understood the assignment today because she’s wearing some “get your dick hard” lingerie…

I love it, it’s just not very practical if you think about it haha. She gets naked, she uses the vibe, and apparently she loves playing with her ass because right in that butt plug goes. As I mentioned before she doesn’t seem to put off after the grand reveal.. (she’s gotta suck my cock), and away we go. She’s for sure a very good whore. She does exactly what she’s told with no issue. Suck my cock? Sure! Time to fuck. Alright! You like Anal? Spread those cheeks. Taste this cock straight from your ass.. gluck gluck gluck… you get the idea. I finish her off with a nice facial, and I think we get one of the first real smiles of the day. Pretty sure she liked that. Finally as we close out, and Rick explains she’s not getting paid, for a half a second I thought she was gonna get super pissed. You can see the confusion, disspoointment, and pang of anger flash across her face for just a brief moment. Luckily Rick and I escape without being stabbed and out the door goes Ella.

Date: April 14, 2023
Starring: Ella

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