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BackroomCastingCouch – Maria – Twinning


BackroomCastingCouch – Maria – Twinning
Released: August 28, 2023
We’ve got a fun surprise this week. Meet Maria! Maria might look familiar, and if so it’s because her twin Camila convinced her to come by. Talk about word of mouth.. AmIright??? So Camila was here a while back (Camilla’s Casting) and I guess she had such a good time, that she decided to talk her sister into coming in for an interview herself. I feel like you couldn’t write a story as great as this, but I guess we’ll try lol.

So Maria is now here to see if she’s going to be a good fit for the adult industry. She’s a little bit more reserved than her sister, but that’s okay baby bird, Rick is gonna take care of you! She comes in and on the couch she goes and this party gets started. She kiiiiinda knows what to expect right? It’d be kinda fucked up if her sister sent her into the lions den without any kind of prep, so Rick kinda speeds through the interview to get her out of those clothes a bit quicker. She doesn’t give much to any pushback when it’s time to get naked, and we’re getting a shot of that delicious butthole. She enjoys the vibrator and she appears to get really wet really quickly, but she needs a bit of help with the buttplug. She’s not experienced at all with the ways of the butt, but I’m gonna get her to the promised land. We slip that buttplug in and start the real interview. I really enjoyed watching her suck my cock. She was anxious but eager in doggy style, and I think she finally started having some fun during the riding. Some lubbydubby missionary and face fucking later and I’m going into that ass for the first time. She takes to the anal incredibly quickly. We start off nice and slow, but turn it up and before she knows it she’s bouncing all over my cock, getting gaped, and tasting her ass. We finish her off how we know you love it, those feet dangling getting railed in the ass. I pop it out and make her suck it some more before loading her face up with my cum. Back on the couch this whole interview went I guess about how she expected it to go. She really did do a great job, she dresses with the jizz on her face and waits for her ride…. Now I know what you’re all wondering: IS IT GONNA HAPPEN?? Well I guess you’re just going to have to find out

Date: September 18, 2023
Starring: Maria

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