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BackroomCastingCouch – Skarlett – Housekeeping.. You Need Towels?


BackroomCastingCouch – Skarlett – Housekeeping.. You Need Towels?
Released: July 4, 2022
On this episode of BackroomCastingCouch, we’ve got 24 year old Skarlett who’s a house keeper. I’m just gonna go ahead and say I don’t like cleaning my own house, no less someone else’s. So it’s no wonder she wants to ditch the mop and broom for some hard cock. She’s a nice chick albeit a little un-experienced, no worries though, Rick n’ Cam are gonna take care of you. We get her on the couch, where she’s very smily and a little nervous, but fun. She just broke up with a boyfriend, she’s only had two sex partners in her past and never done anal. So now Skarlett is ready to be a slut on camera and play out all her dirty little fantasies. When we get her naked, we see that she does have a rockin’ hard body and a GREAT ass…

She doesn’t have a problem masturbating on the couch and using a buttplug. She’s all in when it’s time to really start the interview and before she knows it she’s blowing me. She’s got one hell of a gag reflex, but she still makes it kinda sexy. I add another notch in her bedpost, giving her a tally of 3 lol and I fuck her tight pussy like her ex boyfriend shoulda. When we get to the anal round, it takes just a minute to warm her up. We had to be a little patient, because believe me when I say, it’s literally the tightest ass I’ve ever fucked. It was legitimately difficult to really pump that ass, but eventually we get there. First time anal.. Check. First time ass to mouth.. Check. Now she says she’s let guys cum in her before, but not really a creampie… I’m not sure what the difference is, so I’ll go ahead and give her first REAL creampie.. why not. Rick gives her some bonus time with the vibrator, and she tries to eek out a real orgrasim with cum leaking out of her fresh pussy. He informs her she isn’t getting paid and we say goodbye! Happy 4th of July ya’ll!

Date: August 12, 2022
Starring: Skarlett

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