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EvolvedFights – Bella Wilde ​Vs. Christian Wilde


EvolvedFights – Bella Wilde Vs. Christian Wilde
Released: December 30, 2022
We are so lucky today to have another real-life couples match update. Real-life couples always have more ” je ne sais quoi”. Couples always know how far they can take their partners in the depths of orgasm exploration and Christian and Bella dive deep today. Christian has a size advantage but Bella is a true athlete with stamina and that competitive spirit that you simply can not teach. Christian is able to get top position a lot but Bella constantly grabs and gropes to gain her some favor in the judges’ eyes. This is a sex fight after all and we are here to watch people get fingered and fucked and of course, have some wrestling fun. Bella is the most impressive new addition for 2023 so far. She is able to counter Christian several times and put him in trouble with her legs. Only one can win today. The winner imposes their dominance on the loser with a good hard fucking.

Date: January 1, 2023

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