Facial Abuse – Anal And Tears – E770


Facial Abuse – Anal And Tears – E770
Released: June 18, 2020
This isn’t her first anal, as in, some schlub penetrated her ass and came within several seconds, but rather, it’s the first time her 18 year old ass was fucked, and fucked right–and the tears prove it. Bootleg tore up that asshole nice, and did plenty of ass to mouth. She swallowed 90% of my yellow d, and yakked all over herself in several compromising positions. She hung in there, barely. She was in over her head with tears and moans and all I could do was watch, dumbfounded and erect. She got destroyed, and she did the walk of shame down the corridor of woe, covered in yakk. Destroyed, for your viewing pleasure.

Date: June 18, 2020

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