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Ghetto Gaggers – Melanated Obedience


Ghetto Gaggers – Melanated Obedience
Released: September 14, 2022
If I were a brother, this level of obedience would never have happened, and it’s been mentioned several times in the black Manosphere. They want to know how I do it. It’s not me brothers from another mother, it’s them. They have a natural instinct to obey. You just have to bring it out of them. I can teach you, for a fee of course. I’ll holding a “revival” of sorts, soon, and I will be discussing how I hacked the black female mind. Sorry for the tangental titillations. Speaking of tits, look at the black fun bag on this slut. Perfect nipples and areolas, with a perfect amount of fun in those bags. She took Bootlegs dick right past those supple big lips and down her throat until she was covered in yakk. Her tits undulated back and forth as her thicc ass shook from the belts and getting pounded. She ate Bootlegs ass and stroked his cock like a good whore. She licked my shoe to show how owned and obedient she was in that moment as I tugged on her dog leash. She took 2 loads to the face and ate them. Trained perfectly. A few salty drops dripped out of her eyes and down her face when she acknowledged that I own her, but I believe, deep down, she was happy that she felt complete.

Disclaimer: Fictional story with actors who are consenting adults

Date: September 15, 2022

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