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HotMILFsFuck – Debbie Cakes


HotMILFsFuck – Debbie Cakes
Released: June 27, 2021
There’s just something about girls that try anal for the first time and end up loving it. Loving it so much she prefers that guys cum in that voluptuous ass of hers. Loves anal so much she told us she always masturbates with toys up that little brown starfish of hers and we love her for it. Yep, you just got to love girls that like it up the ass because girls that like it up the ass will let you do most anything to them, and today’s HMF newbie is Debbie Cakes, aka Demi Nova and she likes it up her ass…

Now I’m so sorry if I got yawl’s hopes up that Debbie was here to take an anal pounding from Jake Adams today. Please don’t shoot the messenger because she’s not, and I’m just as disappointed to hear of Debbie’s love of anal AFFFFTTTTTEEEEER the scene had started and as you all know there’s just a certain amount of “prep” involved with that type of back door pounding. Trust me, Jake would have loved to lay some pipe up her mine shaft. But he didn’t. Any who, it does however tell us a good deal about Debbie and just like a girl with a tramp stamp, girls that love anal are down for anything. So once Debbie’s on the bed Jake probes our first timer to get to know her a bit more, and after just a few questions we both are so enamored with the size of her tits that we forget what questions to ask her and instead just tell her to get naked. Yeah it’s as close to a gonzo flick as you’re going to get from us but hey, who’s complaining? No one beats off to an interview anyways; or fucks a girl’s personality really hard right? You hear that mom! I don’t care how nice the neighbor’s daughter is. I’m not wasting any more time on “NICE” girls who can’t properly suck a cock or take huge phallic symbols up their Asses anymore! Damn straight, because once a girl’s clothes come off the only thing that pretty mouth of hers should be doing is sucking dick, licking balls and ass, or moaning. Well there’s plenty of that going on today and like all the newbie’s we introduce to porning here at HMF? This Debbie takes the Cake, as well as the largest cock she’s ever sucked or fucked for the pounding of a lifetime. So grab your slickest lube boys! Charge up those sex toys girls, and lets all turn our phones to silent because this pony shows got some giddy up right out of the gate.

Date: June 28, 2021
Starring: Debbie Cakes

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