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HotMilfsFuck – Jessa ​- I’m All About The Dick


HotMilfsFuck – Jessa – I’m All About The Dick
Released: August 28, 2022
It’s 39-year-old Milf by definition Jessa up next on the HMF bed to get pounded by our stud Tyler and we don’t think she knew what a pounding she was in for today but you and your 3rd husband are welcome. Yes three times a charm I hear and all things lucky for Jessa are thirds because she couldn’t be happier with hubby numero tres and for good reason. He loves sharing and even encouraged her to try porn for the first time. They say sharing is caring and he cares an awful lot of his beautiful bride because she shared a story with us where recently he and his buddies were at a weekend party house that had a hot tub and he proceeded to pass his bride around to all of his friends where fun was had by all, and hey man! I kinda want to be your friend to buddy…

She also goes on to explain this was not prearranged, so hot, and don’t get me wrong or jump to any conclusions about Jessa everyone. Just because she kind of enjoyed being passed around and was used like a $15 whore on a drunken Friday night in Tijuana’s Zona Norte district doesn’t make her a super slut . . . yet. You see Jessa explains she hasn’t really explored her sexuality much but is dying to. “That was just a one time thing,” she disappointingly clarified but hopes it will happen more frequently in the near future, hint – hint hubby number 3. Jessa also goes on to explain that husband numro tres also can’t wait to watch this video when it comes out and I predict he’ll probably put it up on the big screen TV back home and have all his buddies over to watch his little home maker have orgasm after orgasm while they pass her around like a bag of popcorn at the movies. I can just see it now, them sticking their fingers and cocks into her butter box, like crazed teenaged boys devouring whatever goodness is laid before them until their balls are milked and drained to content. I also predict she’ll be rode hard and put away wet and sore as she’ll ask for another showing from that happy rimjob giving mouth of hers as hubbies buddies fulfill their perverted lustful desires on our little ‘use me like your whore please’ wifey before blowing their loads in and on her. Like a creamy filled donut, you just can’t get enough of a newly discovered super slut in training that’s still super new and exited to let all comers use and abuse her orifices and does everything asked of her. Now mind you this hasn’t happened . . . yet, and first things first. Tyler needs to put her through the paces and that sure as fuck happened today and he broke this little filly in and she’s ready for more and more and more. So enjoy Jessa before she becomes that super slut she knows she can and will become. Steve

Date: September 17, 2022
Starring: Jessa ​

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