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Lost In Fuckland


Lost In Fuckland
It’s time for Claudia Bavel to check-out and explore the city but everything is new to her and doesn’t know which are the best places to visit. The horny receptionist doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to put his big dick inside, in exchange for some directions and information. Since Claudia Bavel was not in a rush she doesn’t say no and she starts sucking his big dick before squeezing it between her tits and her big ass cheeks fucking and riding until Tommy paints her teen face with jizz. Asian teen Luna TrueLove is bored in her hostel room reading an erotic book and she is getting hornier so she starts touching herself and fingering her pussy moaning louder and louder. The janitor that conveniently happened to mop the floors close to her room hears her loud moaning and sneaks into the room only to find her blindfolded. Luckily for him, she really needed a helping hand and a big dick to ride until he ejaculates into her mouth. After an educational trip to Barcelona that ended amazingly, Zuzu was writing in her diary about the young charismatic boy she met at the hostel. He was so hot that she couldn’t help looking through the keyhole until he opened the door. She grabbed his big black cock and began to suck him hard until they almost got caught. Then she came back for a wild sex session and Jesus was excited to give her all the attention. After the roughly fucked her sweet pussy on the floor and she rode his delicious cock, she asked to taste his cum in her mouth.

Date: October 26, 2021

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