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Mayu Kawai enjoys her lover’s BBC


Mayu Kawai enjoys her lover’s BBC
Released: December 25, 2021
Mayu Kawai enjoys some BBC. This is finally the moment we get these two together to spend some time together. They have not seen each other in so long and Mayu has been hungry for his BBC forever. We had a nice ride from the airport where they both got to be close to each other and we could see that Mayu was just getting horny sitting next to him as he rubbed up against her. She remembered how much she enjoyed his big black cock in her mouth and then deep in her pussy. She missed that feeling of him pounding her from behind and all of his cock being rammed in her Japanese pussy. She loved sitting on him and riding his cock and watching him grab and suck her tits as she slid up and down his black cock…

Now that they were together and we had the cameras on we hoped that they would not be shy and would just be natural together. Luckily they both seemed so horny they forgot the cameras were there and they just started kissing and rubbing and he had her top off and her tits out in no time. Mayu really has some of the greatest tits of any JAV star. We were lucky to get her and more lucky to have her let us film her and her lover as they rejoined for an afternoon of fucking. This was fun to watch as he really got into it and let her suck and lick him and she had her mouth on his nipples and then she slid down to take his cock out of his underwear. She had her tits hanging down and her mouth covering his cock and he was enjoying the view and the suck that Mayu was giving him. From there Mayu then.. Go watch the full video! It is so worth it! Seeing her get fucked with that BBC. Go watch it now!

Date: December 25, 2021
Starring: Mayu Kawai

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