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Mommy’sBoy – Spencer Scott – Still Not Weaned At Eighteen!


Mommy’sBoy – Spencer Scott – Still Not Weaned At Eighteen!
Released: May 10, 2023
Spikey Dee’s almost 21, but he STILL lives at home with his stepmom Spencer Scott. The truth is, he just loves to cuddle with her… there’s really nothing else like it! He doesn’t care if boys his age don’t do stuff like that with their stepmoms- he loves Spencer and doesn’t want their relationship to change.

But Spencer, on the other hand, is growing worried that her darling stepson isn’t developing into the man he should. Part of the blame is on her, of course- she’s spoiled him rotten over the years. But what can she say? She loves Spikey and would do anything for the lad…

One day, however, Spencer decides that it’s time for Spencer to put his big boy pants on. They’re going to find a DIFFERENT way of spending time together… one that involves a little less cuddling, and much more FUCKING. It’s time for Spencer to spread his wings… by spreading his stepmom’s legs!

Date: May 10, 2023
Starring: Spencer Scott

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