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MonstersOfCock – Alexis James – The Rent is Anal


MonstersOfCock – Alexis James – The Rent is Anal
Released: April 28, 2024
Alexis James, tasked with collecting rent for an apartment building, approached Jonathan Jordan’s door. Known for his big black dick but not his timely payments, Jonathan admitted he couldn’t pay this month’s rent. Amidst negotiations, Alexis caught a peek of Jonathan’s famous cock. Intrigued, she offered him an unconventional deal: an extension on his rent in exchange for a taste of his Juicy. Jonathan, surprised and relieved, agreed. She gets to work worshiping him. She begs him to put it in her ass so she can feel every inch. Jordan is happy to explore her hole. He cums all over her the rent is extended a month

Date: April 28, 2024
Starring: Alexis James

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