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MylfXMindiMink – Serena Blair – Legging Lesbians


MylfXMindiMink – Serena Blair – Legging Lesbians
Released: September 24, 2020
Mindi and Serena are on the bed admiring each other in their leggings. Serena turns around and sticks her beautiful ass out so Mindi can massage and kiss it. She massages Serenas pussy through the leggings… lightly touching her clit and driving her crazy. Mindi slowly licks her clit through the leggings and spits on her throbbing clit. Mindi positions Serena on her back and pushes her legs all the way behind her head so her pussy is tight up against the leggings. Mindi eats her pussy and ass through the leggings. Serena has a couple of big orgasms! Serena turns her attention to Mindi and her leggings. Serena licks Mindis pussy and ass through the leggings getting everything extremely wet. Mindi has a big orgasm of her own

Date: September 24, 2020
Starring: Serena Blair

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