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NaughtyMag – Ginger Grey ​- Ginger’s Slit Gets Creamed


NaughtyMag – Ginger Grey – Ginger’s Slit Gets Creamed
Released: September 17, 2022
Job: Store clerk; Age: 19; Birthday: July 23; Height: 5’2″; Weight: 117 pounds; Bra Size: 34B; Panties: Pastel Cheekies; Anal: It’s fun sometimes; BJs: Spit, usually; Masturbate: Of course; Lives: Cleveland, Ohio. Ginger is a spicy little number who will leave a good taste in your mouth. Her sweet little pussy certainly left a good taste in our stud’s mouth after he licked her wet fuck hole. “I always need to get some oral before I fuck,” Ginger told us.

“I always make sure to return the favor.” Speaking of oral, Ginger shared a funny story with our editors about BJs. “When I was getting ready to lose my V-card, I started to blow my boyfriend. Well, I guess he was really excited about the prospect of fucking for the first time because I took him out of my mouth for just a second to ask him if he was ready to fuck and he came. He came on my face! I got my first facial before I even had sex. It was really funny.” Our stud made sure to last a little longer than Ginger’s first boyfriend. We’re not sure how, though.

Date: September 18, 2022
Starring: Ginger Grey

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