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Scale Bustin Babes # 75


Scale Bustin Babes # 75
Pretty, well fed and hot in bed! Hot babes of gargantuan size!
Pretty brunette Izetta cums to Rodney to try out for a BBW lingerie modeling gig. She looks sexy and curvy in her photos, but she wants to do whatever it takes to get “a head” in the competition. So she strips naked and starts sucking on photographer Rodney’s thick prick. She squeezes his balls just right as he manhandles her massive mammaries. He fucks her chubby belly button and sucks on her huge jugs. Then, he slides his big cock into her fat pussy and pounds her hard. He spanks her boobies as he smacks his balls against her chunky box. Her belly rolls and breasts wiggle around uncontrollably as he lays his seed. Finally, he shoots his gushy load of cum all over her stomach…

Sexy BBW Amy Villainous has ordered a sex toy to make videos for her adult website to show off her amazing gargantuan boobs. She asks the perv delivery driver to help put it together so she can start filming right away. Amy shows him how to work the camera, as she starts to strip and dance seductively in front of him. Amy thinks her customers might want to see more and ask Rodney if he would take out his dick and masturbate for her. He pulls out his swollen sausage and before you know it, Rodney’s big fat cock is in her pretty mouth face fucking her. He smacks her gorgeous BBW rump while he fucks her and then he fills her mouth with a healthy load of spunk that she lets drip over her massive titties.

If BBW Alexa Grey thinks that blowjobs should be reserved for special occasions, then why is she sucking off the dishwasher repairman? The submissive slut lets him put a collar and leash on her while he fucks her chubby cheeks! Then, the kinky girl bends over while Rodney spanks her with a flogger and digs his nails into her thick butt cheeks. Next, with her mouth stuffed with a ball gag, Rodney flogs her voluptuous breasts and pinches her nipples. Literally starving for sex, Alexa does the dirtiest of deeds, and licks Rodney’s asshole from behind. Finally, she rides the monkey rocker sex machine, which pounds her pink pussy with a dildo each time she rocks back and forth. Then she fingers her clit until Rodney shoots a huge load all over her red lips.

Sexy BBW Cayenne Amor just finished her first blow bang and is covered with gooey, sticky cum. I was supposed to be one of the guys in the video, but I got a flat tire and completely missed the shoot. Lucky for me, this big and kinky black girl was still super horny and wanted to fuck around anyways. So, she dropped right to her knees and started sucking on my huge dick-still covered with 9 other dudes’ cum! Not only was she an expert cock sucker, she knew just how to make out with my balls and lick my asshole too. Of course, I had to straddle her humongous brown titties and shoot my humongous load straight down the back of her throat.

BBW Cayenne Amor wants to sit on your face while you lick her pussy and asshole. She is so wet and drippy, and you can’t wait to serve your Goddess. She wants to feel your tongue inside her fat, juicy ass. Can you make her squirt?

Date: March 5, 2021

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