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Soaking (2023)


Soaking (2023)
Clara and Brighten (Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore), two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner when Brighten kicks Clara under the table, whispering that she needs to speak with her privately once their parents leave for errands later. Clara quietly agrees though she’s perplexed as to what Brighten could need so urgently. Clara is shocked when Brighten invites Elijah (Seth Gamble), her boyfriend, inside. Brighten explains that they are having trouble staying chaste until marriage. Brighten mentions that they believe they have found a solution to their predicament: SOAKING. Soaking involves a man inserting his penis in a woman’s vagina and not moving it. The only thing is that there needs to be a third party present to physically move the other two so that they can achieve sexual gratification. To Clara’s shock, Brighten and Elijah want HER to move them during intercourse! Mr. Mitchell (Ryan Driller) keeps one of his students, Kerri (Lily Larimar), after class to talk to her about the school drama club. Kerri is the club president and Mr. Mitchell is the teacher chaperoning the club, which means that they’ve worked together a lot. Mr. Mitchell butters her up by saying she’s the most talented performer,and Kerri is more than willing to take these compliments. He says that he has a special project in mind, explaining that he wants to use his phone to film an ‘acting reel’ of the two of them. She agrees to it, eager to show off her acting talents. He starts filming and Kerri’s first role is a wholesome virgin. It’s clear to Kerri that he’s having her act out various pervy fantasies of his, but she remains eager to please and goes along with it…

Date: May 26, 2023

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