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TabooHeat – Coco Vandi ​in Theme Park Vacation with Free Use Step Mom (Parts 1-3)


TabooHeat – Coco Vandi in Theme Park Vacation with Free Use Step Mom (Parts 1-3)
Released: November 5, 2022
Touring The House and Coco-
My step-mom, Coco Vandi, took me (Luke Longly) on vacation this week, and I am so excited to tour our AirBnb! It’s a home called Balls Manor and it’s pretty great so far. Coco takes me on a tour of all the rooms, and she even tells me that there is a pool in the backyard! My step-mom strips out of the clothes, so she won’t get any tan lines! She is completely naked as she walks into the living room with me, because we are going to lay out by the pool soon. She sits down on the guest bed first, and she spreads her legs for me. I guess my step-mom is horny after the long car ride! She gives me a blowjob to get my cock nice and hard, before I fuck her. She lies down in the missionary position and I shove my cock deep inside of her! She starts to moan, and she tells me that she loves when I fuck her! I have my step-mom get into the doggystyle position next and I fuck her pussy until I cum deep inside of her! Now we are ready to go to the pool!

Date: November 6, 2022
Starring: Coco Vandi

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