The Headmistress Daughter (2020)


The Headmistress Daughter (2020)
While Tina works overtime to update her administrative files, Vince takes advantage of her absence to visit her daughter Mary. It must be said that from day one, neither of them remained insensitive to the other’s sex appeal. As soon as the front door is opened, the young woman takes her teacher into the living room and starts to suck him off before letting him play with her sex soaked with desire. Behind her somewhat haughty appearance, Mary turns out to be as attracted to men and sex as her mother. As they say, like mother, like daughter. The next morning, the Director calls the beautiful Nikki Fox into her office. Kristof Cale, one of the teachers, has discovered private photos and videos taken with her phone in the institute. According to strict regulations, everything that happens inside the building must not be taken out. To make her understand her mistake, Tina decides to punish the young woman in her own way. Why just film other people’s sexual frolics when you can very well implement sex education classes given by competent teachers. Nikki certainly didn’t expect such a private lesson in the morning, but she will have made the most of the experience of her two teachers. The years have gone by but nothing has really changed at Russian Institute, to everyone’s delight.

Date: August 8, 2020

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