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TheYesList – Ryan Reid ​- Never Assume


TheYesList – Ryan Reid – Never Assume
Released: January 23, 2023
A new couple (Seth Gamble and Ryan Reid) go on a few dates, having a good time and definitely attracted to each other. We see them laughing, kissing, flirting, and growing closer. The next time they meet, it’s clear they are going to hook up.

Transition to present day, as Seth and Ryan exchange flirtatious text messages about seeing each other later today. She sends him a photo, and he can’t believe how much he likes her. Just then, Seth’s roommate (Jay Romero) tells him that he discovered sexy modeling pics of Ryan online. Jay shows Seth explicit photos from her profile and eggs Seth on to do a bunch of macho and degrading things with her when they hook up, telling Seth that must be the type of girl Ryan is. Seth feels awkward and pressured, so he ends up playing along with his roommate’s jabs.

Later that day when Ryan comes over, things heat up quickly, but Seth can’t shake his roommate’s advice. He starts trying to get aggressive, until Ryan stops him. Feeling guilty, he backs off immediately. She tells him what she’s into and how it’s not what he’s doing. He apologizes and confesses what he had found out. They discuss it candidly and, throughout the conversation, acknowledge their boundaries and what they’re into. After that, they have genuinely hot sex together, including kissing and deepthroating. In the end, they agree that it’s way better to be up front about how they feel and discuss things in person than to assume.

Date: January 24, 2023
Starring: Ryan Reid

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