XL Girls – Allysa Andrews Florida Keys Boob-Bomb


XL Girls – Allysa Andrews Florida Keys Boob-Bomb
Released: June 14, 2020
Allysa Andrews has 38G boob-bombs and she’s proud of them. She rubs them proudly, too. “G for good?” her fuck friend asks.
JR and Allysa both agree that Allysa is a dirty, little bad girl who likes to fuck and cum as much as she can. First they must play private boob games. Allysa can suck on her own nipples. Many girls can’t do this because of the size, pliability and shape of their boobs. Allysa can just lift that suckler up with her hands and encircle the nipple with her lips…
Allysa lists the things she’s good at doing that qualify her to star in porn videos. “I like to titty fuck,” she says proudly. “I’m good at sucking cock. I’m a dirty girl. I’m a cum whore. I love cum. I love to eat it.” Those qualifications seem to be in order. JR tells Allysa to jump up and down, shake her tits, spit on the nipples, suck her finger like she’s sucking a cock and spank her own ass.
JR has her get into a masturbation pose on the couch. Warmed up, he unzips his fly. She immediately goes for.

Date: July 15, 2020
Actors: Allysa Andrews

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