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XL Girls – Angel Deluca – An Angel For Two Fuckers


XL Girls – Angel Deluca – An Angel For Two Fuckers
Released: April 5, 2021
Angel DeLuca is a beautiful angel in a red dress. She is irresistible…so hot she wants two men to satisfy her. This is Angel’s first two-man sex party. After they have made out and the two Tonys have suckled Angel’s big boobs, she is undressed. Her curvy body is gorgeous and inspires instant boners. She kneels to suck their cocks and have her fat tits fucked…

Angel mounts Rubino on the Ottoman. Her pussy slides down his pole in one smooth move. They pump. There is a horny view of Angel’s bouncing ass. Tony D. stands on the Ottoman and touches Angel’s head. She turns, flicking her hair to the side and he whispers something in her ear. He brings his cock to her mouth and she begins to suck it, hands-free, since she is supporting herself with both hands as she and Tony R. fuck.

It’s Tony D’s turn to get a piece of Angel pie. He lays back and Angel gets on top to fuck him. Tony R. feeds her dick while Tony D. and Angel bump away. Tony D. bends forward and lifts Angel up, his cock…

Date: April 7, 2021
Starring: Angel DeLuca

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