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XL Girls – Liza Biggs – Too Hot For TV


XL Girls – Liza Biggs – Too Hot For TV
Released: November 2, 2020
JJJ-cupper Liza Biggs is the star of her own cooking show and she’s pretty excited. She’s walking us through the process of making a delicious home-cooked meal, but not much of it is sticking. We’re too fixated on the tits staring back at us. Her nipples are poking through her sheer top.

Whatever Liza is cooking up is probably scrumptious, but no way is it more scrumptious than she is. We’d love a mouthful of this babe. And she’s caught the eye of her cameraman, Rocky. He’s typically very professional, but he can’t stop himself from panning his camera onto Liza’s bouncing tits as she chops up some parsley. Eventually, Liza notices where the cameras are pointed and asks to see what has been filmed so far?

“Really?” She asks. “All this time I’ve been chopping up parsley and all you have is my tits? Is that all you care about? Fine. I’ll do this topless. No one’s interested in getting the actual food down.”

Now we’re cooking! This show is too hot for network TV, but this is the sort…

Date: November 4, 2020
Starring: Liza Biggs

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