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AdultTime – Victoria Voxxx & Natalie Brooks – There’s No ‘I’ In Valentine


AdultTime – Victoria Voxxx & Natalie Brooks – There’s No ‘I’ In Valentine
Released: February 11, 2024
Victoria Voxxx and Natalie Brooks, two college students who are part of an ongoing three-person study group, have both had the same idea of expressing their feelings towards the third person, Ricky Spanish. Each has chosen to do a big romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day by giving him an oversized heart-shaped card at their latest study session. But when both of them whip the cards out to give to Ricky at the same time, all hell breaks loose!

The argument escalates as they each try to prove who loves Ricky more, and he eventually finds himself tugged on both sides by his love-crazed classmates. Not wanting to be torn in two, Ricky desperately suggests the first thing on his mind to calm them down: what about having a threesome?!

Although neither woman seems immediately eager to share, they DO see that they’ve gotten a BIT out of control. Maybe a little threesome is just the thing they need to soften their temper and figure out their feelings once and for all.

Date: February 11, 2024

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