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Japan HDV – Manami Nakasugi accompanies a strange man to his house to cheat


Japan HDV – Manami Nakasugi accompanies a strange man to his house to cheat
Released: November 30, 2020
An interesting encounter on the street today as Manami Nakasugi is approached by a man that asks her about a near by ramen shop. He invites her to join him for lunch and she goes with his in his car. He quickly changes the subject from going to get ramen to her joining him for sex. He seduces her in the car and probes her asking her questions about her sex life with her husband. He uses his skills to get her to allow him to start touching her tits…

He then gets a little warmed up and horny and he changes to asking her to come to his house for a bit so she can show him her panties. She is now horny enough that she agrees and goes to his house. In his house they have some tea on his sofa as he continues to seduce her there and kisses her and gets her ready to take off her clothes for him and allow him to play with her naked body. He continues his exploration of her body and asks her to bend over so he can finger her pussy from behind. He enjoys this so much he leans in and starts kissing her pussy. She seems to enjoy all this as she continues to allow him to explore her body as he turns her over and goes down to finger and lick her pussy. He enjoys licking and sucking her and getting her pussy slippery wet. She is almost ready for the next step which is him taking off his clothes so he can slip his cock inside her. He slides his dick up and down on her pussy and then finally slips it in her. Manami seems to enjoy this as she watches him play with her wet pussy. Manami enjoys his cock and her moans give him a sign that she is enjoying her afternoon cheating on her husband with him. Manami is then led to a bed where they enjoy some 69 action as she sucks on his cock. He continues his fucking and as he asks her to get on top of him and ride him cowgirl style. He finally comes inside her for a sweet creampie and after he finishes, she asks him to please do it all again as she needs some more attention to her pussy.

Date: December 1, 2020
Starring: Manami Nakasugi

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