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ModernDaySins – Gabi Paltrova – Cum Gluttons: Unselfish Lover


ModernDaySins – Gabi Paltrova – Cum Gluttons: Unselfish Lover
Released: March 6, 2022
Gabi Paltrova is just getting over a bad breakup when she is visited by Codey Steele. Codey is a mutual friend of her and her ex’s, so she’s not sure she wants to see him at first, though Codey soon sweet talks her into letting him in.

Once inside, Gabi tells Codey that if he’s there to try and talk her into getting back together with her ex, it’s not going to work. But Codey insists that’s not why he’s there. He reveals that he knew their relationship had been going downhill awhile and that he’s always hated how inattentive the ex was towards her. After hearing the things the ex have said, Codey realized that the ex was a very selfish lover. However, now that Gabi’s single, Codey figures HE can give her all the attention she deserves and more.

Gabi is stunned but hesitant, not wanting to get into another relationship so soon. Codey assures her that she doesn’t have to — he’s down to have some no-strings-attached fun. Whatever she wants and needs, he can deliver. Although Gabi hesitates just a moment longer, the thought of some unrestrained fun after all the doom and gloom is too tempting to pass up.

They have a sensual encounter, with Codey being unafraid to give Gabi whatever her heart desires. They start with hot and heavy kissing and groping, which gives way to Gabi having her pussy generously devoured by Codey. Regaining her confidence with every passing moment, Gabi becomes completely lost as she takes Codey’s cock in her mouth and pussy over and over again, wanting his cum.

After this empowering romp, Gabi is never going to let her ex get her down ever again.

Date: March 6, 2022
Starring: Gabi Paltrova

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