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ModernDaySins – Anne De Ville – Anal Envy: Missus Missing Out


ModernDaySins – Anne De Ville – Anal Envy: Missus Missing Out
Released: June 12, 2022
Anna de Ville and her doting husband, Mazee, are cleaning up after a dinner party. As they do, Anna can’t help but to talk about her friend, who seems much more adventurous in her latest relationship. Although Anna is happy in her marriage with Mazee, she wonders if THEY could be more adventurous, too. She can’t fight the feeling that they’re missing out…

Mazee is intrigued but a little nervous as well since he doesn’t think they’re the kind of couple that would want to be TOO adventurous. He doesn’t think a quickie in a public bathroom or a swingers party is the right fit for them. Anna quickly agrees, thinking they should definitely start small. In fact, she shyly admits that she’s been watching videos of couples having anal sex and wondering what that’d be like. Mazee is surprised but it doesn’t take much convincing at all before he’s on board.

They take things slow, getting each other riled up through exploratory touches and heated kisses. But as they shed their clothes, the excitement gradually builds, and Anna soon goes down on Mazee’s cock with her mouth to get him ready. When he returns the favor by rimming and fingering her sexy ass, Anna can barely contain her excitement. Once she straddles his lap and takes his cock into her tight ass for the first time, she’s in heaven! But, of course, now Anna can’t get enough as they eagerly try as many positions as possible for the utmost pleasure.

Once they finally cum and fawn over each other, it looks like THIS couple is about to have a second honeymoon phase filled with everything they’ve ever missed out on.

Date: July 8, 2022
Starring: Anne De Ville

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