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ModernDaySins – Vanessa Vega – Greedy Creampies: Donations Welcome


ModernDaySins – Vanessa Vega – Greedy Creampies: Donations Welcome
Released: April 17, 2022
Vanessa Vega is at a fertility clinic when she is greeted by the resident doctor, Alex Jones. They begin their consultation, where Vanessa reveals that she has been to numerous fertility clinics before this, but hasn’t had any luck yet. Alex assures her that they are one of the best fertility clinics in the area, though Vanessa says that she hasn’t been impressed with the donors she’s seen so far on their website.

Alex inquires further into what exactly she is looking for in a donor, and Vanessa lists off numerous specifications such as family history, looks, and higher education. Alex shows her a few other donors that are not listed on the website, hoping that Vanessa will like one of those. Unfortunately, she still isn’t satisfied with the selection and grows somewhat frustrated. When Alex jokes that he wishes that HE was on the list, there is a hint of attraction between them.

Sensing that Vanessa might be open to it, Alex offers to put his name down as a donor and impregnate Vanessa himself. After all, he meets all the specifications that she is looking for. Vanessa appears to seriously consider the offer, and asks a few probing questions. Soon enough though, it’s clear that she is too tempted to say no. She accepts the offer, climbing unto the desk to kiss Alex. Vanessa begins straddling Alex, continuing to make out with him as he feels her body over her clothes.

They stand and go to a wall, where Alex pins Vanessa against it. They continue kissing as they partially undress each other. Vanessa kneels and licks Alex’s cock through his underwear. They then move back to the desk and strip to just their underwear, beginning to dry hump each other while making out. Vanessa then kneels and takes Alex’s underwear off to give him a sensual blowjob. After this, Vanessa gets fully naked and lets Alex eat her out as she props herself up on the desk.

Alex then fucks Vanessa in missionary on the desk, continuing to kiss her all the while. At one point, Alex lifts her and continues to pound her in the air. They then move to the couch, where Vanessa rides Alex in cowgirl, and then reverse-cowgirl. Vanessa gets onto her knees and Alex fucks her doggystyle on the couch, getting deeper than ever. They take a quick break, where Alex fingers Vanessa while she sits on his lap. With Alex still sitting on the couch, Vanessa rides him in reverse cowgirl some more, until Alex stands up to fuck her in doggystyle and then wheelbarrow.

Vanessa lies back on the couch and lets Alex facefuck her as her head dangles off the armrest. They then have sex in a piledriver position, until Vanessa moves to a large chair and spreads her legs for Alex. He kneels to eat her out and then pounds her in missionary until he delivers a creampie in her soaking wet pussy. Whether Vanessa expected it or not, it’s clear that Alex was the right doctor for the job.

Date: April 17, 2022
Starring: Vanessa Vega

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