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ModernDaySins – Valentina Nappi – Anal Envy: Bride’s Vulgar Vibes


ModernDaySins – Valentina Nappi – Anal Envy: Bride’s Vulgar Vibes
Released: May 28, 2023
Valentina Nappi has just gotten married to James Bang. As the newly-married couple takes a break before the wedding reception, James says that Valentina has been fidgeting all day, and asks if she’s okay. Valentina explains that she’s been wearing a butt plug as a sexy surprise for him, and even shows him an app on her phone that can make the plug vibrate. However, to Valentina’s shock, James is upset that she was wearing a butt plug all day…

Valentina says she doesn’t understand why he’s having such a negative reaction – she found anal porn in his search history, so she thought he’d be pleased. But despite his taste for anal porn, James hypocritically says that he expects his wife to be wholesome… although maybe he doesn’t want her at all anymore. He leaves to cool off, leaving Valentina feeling hurt and upset.

A family friend, Ryan Driller, then enters the room and sees Valentina looking heartbroken. Ryan asks what’s wrong, so Valentina explains the situation. Ryan can’t believe that James didn’t appreciate Valentina’s naughty surprise, and decides to show her how much HE appreciates it. Valentina and Ryan have passionate sex, indulging in anal, making full use of the butt plug, AND narrowly avoiding getting caught by the still-fuming groom…

Date: May 28, 2023
Starring: Valentina Nappi

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